mariette van zuydam was born in the netherlands in 1958 and studied painting and printmaking at ‘akademie minerva’ in groningen, netherlands and then post graduate at ‘sharman crawford school of fine art’ in cork, ireland.

she emigrated to new zealand in 1982 and taught art part-time in auckland before moving to whangarei and later parua bay in 1984.

mariette works in a wide variety of media and techniques.  she is fascinated by the possiblilities and strengths that different techniques offer.

at present she is concentrating on reduction woodcuts.

in this technique, all the colours are printed from the same block. usually, but not always, starting with the lightest, and finishing with the darkest colour.  cutting away more of the plate surface between printing each colour.  it is a very exacting technique and leaves little space for mistakes but through the overlaying of ink creates luminous colours.

this latest series uses sayings and expressions as inspiration.  sometimes literal interpretations; so easily done by children and people who have english as a second language.

over the years she has worked with drawing and painting in different media and her printmaking which has included relief printing, intaglio, stone lithography, silkscreen, collagraph and mixed media.


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