when creating the concept for ‘balance boy’  jorge says ” i wanted to convey the message of ‘finding your balance’.  i think it can be easy to get lost in the moment and fast paced nature of life.  this piece serves as a reminder to take a step back and find your balance, whether it be balancing your friends, family, work, relationships, health, leisure or goals.  i think it’s rewarding for your overall happiness to find what works for you.  the monarch butterflies show that if you struggle to find your feet, don’t forget there’s always someone around for extra support!”

materials used are:  corten steel, upcycled chain, rebar, upcycled road sign, 3 x vintage glass bowls, basalt rock base

[monarch butterflies glow at night with a light directed onto them]

2000mm high x 2000mm wide x 600mm deep


[please contact us for cost of delivery for this work]




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