cast glass

70mm H x 90mm W x 25mm D

yellow, blue & khaki green

$89 each


graeme was attending a glass casting workshop in bavaria, germany, and students were instructed to venture into the wild surrounds of the village of frauenau to seek out inspiration from nature to replicate into a cast glass object.

hmmmm, graeme thought, not really his thing, preferring inspiration to bubble up from within.  nevertheless being the diligent student, out he went, armed with mould making material foraging for inspiration.

thirty minutes passed, boredom simmered.  in the middle of the field was a storm water cover (pic 1) covering a storm water drain.  funny that, until he was informed it snowed and the resulting melt went down there.

a small mould was made and a wax poured into the mould with the result in (pic 2), now what?  Thinking he needed another one he went and poured another wax but there was not enough in the wax pot, and it was the last thing before they were to leave for the night, no time to melt more, so poured in what was there.  the result (pic 3)

next morning he was excited and worked on another wax and the ‘whatsit’ was created!

graeme continued his travels and on returning home started working on the glass version you see today.





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