artist tom mutch works in various disciplines – painting, sculpture, print-making, performance installation, film-making and writing.

he has been painting for over 40 years, and in that time, has also produced over 100 limited edition silkscreen prints, made sculptures in steel, stone, bronze, wood.

his painting discipline of making works in series using strong allegorical resonance and symbolic imagery has created an identifiable ‘thumbprint’ in his art.

this talented, multi-faceted artist’s artworks are ecological and/or social comments on contemporary or historical issues.

he is described as a symbolist, a neo-realist and is a colourist by nature. his art is diverse, his subject matter is always on the move.

tom’s animated short film of the same title as his first novel ‘the birth of superbird’, was credited with the new york independent international film festival grand jury award for best animation in november 2005.

while maintaining painting as his primary expression, tom mutch has, over the past 10 years, developed his passion as a novelist. he has written and published six novels: the superbird trilogy: the birth of superbird, in an upside down world, the truthstream; the orchardist; skin deep & fences fence you in.


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