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Amy Lynch and Metal METcALfe

Amy came to new zealand in 2004 from the uk.
with a background in product & furniture design, she worked for danske mobler initially and then as the senior designer for david trubridge in the hawke’s bay, where she now lives.


since 2015, amy has ventured out on her own and learnt to weld and work with metal. she has designed and made pieces for both local councils, local organisations, restaurants, schools and art trails. these pieces range in scale from culinary sculptures to supreme award winner trophies to huge public sculptures.
her work can also range from being very disciplined in design and construction to freely playing with materials and seeing where they take her.
amy is a playful, colourful creative maker. when she can, she chooses to be in the workshop and complete the making process herself, actively bringing in found materials if this fits the project as well as a considerate usage of new materials. amy loves bringing children’s input or perspective to her work.


A constant mindful approach to end user involvement, is of great importance to her and also hopefully to raise a smile or two.
amy and her sister katie baptiste have formed a line of work under the METcALfe brand.
See the mini blooms, corsage’s, native sprig’s and bees below.
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