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Jeff Thomson

Jeff Thomson has almost single handedly taken corrugated iron off the roof and put it on the wall and the pedestal.

Gaining a bfa from elam school of fine arts in 1981 he has gone through the years creating his unique corrugated iron animals, birds, cars, people and houses. these works have established jeff in the memory banks of most new zealanders and many australians.

He has been a full-time sculptor since 1985 regularly exhibiting throughout nz and australia and also in germany and france.

the blue 2022 works at art industry are french knitted sea anemones.
Jeff says ” I made a french knitting machine using the circular steel frame of a small trampoline.
french knitting traditionally is produced using wool, a cotton reel and 4 nails. in the cotton reel which one knits around, the knitted tube goes through and comes out the underside of the cotton reel. On my small trampoline frame I made 12 lengths of slotted steel bars with a small piece of steel pipe welded onto these. the slotting allowed me to slide the bars in and out so when knitting the narrow strips of baby corrugated iron I can pull out or push in, to change the shape”.

Jeff has work in public art galleries, and private and public collections around the world.

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