cast glass

sizes vary from 80mm – 90mm H x 30mm – 35mm W

the colours in the image that are available are: solid green, green white, light green, blue x 2, aqua x 1, pinky x 2, black  now sold: pale blue/orange, orange

$45 each and include a velvet drawstring bag


Graeme Hitchcock’s ‘(Don’t) Worry Monks’ are individually cast in recycled lead crystal, which in their former lives were his works that were not to standard, damaged or leftovers.

In their new incarnation each monk has its own unique character.  They fit comfortably in the hand and the ancients believed that by holding and caressing them, worries and stresses were reduced and a calmness and inner knowing would follow.

Graeme takes each worry monk through an individual process of modelling, moulding, firing and finally hand polishing.